They should have died out with the dinosaurs, but their seedlings are now being nurtured back from oblivion.

A decade ago, when the first man to walk the Moon called for a new age of space exploration, it was inspiring but fanciful. That’s no longer the case.

A still from the 2018 film “First Man,” in which Ryan Gosling plays famed Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong [Universal/DreamWorks]

Begun as curiosity-driven research, it is now accelerating advances in everything from computing to medicine and finance.

Artist’s impression of spin-orbit coupling of atom qubits used in quantum computing (Tony Melov/CQC2T)

When wild weather hammered Australia’s east coast, researchers leapt into action, collecting the most detailed data ever — and creating powerful tools to predict future storms.

Stormy ocean waves strike the coast of Sydney, Australia [Gergo Rugli/Shutterstock]

At pains to downplay Facebook’s power and influence, CEO Mark Zuckerberg actually proved both — then lost the battle.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg [Twitter]

Artificial intelligence can mimic human decisions — but also drastically amplify hidden biases.

When an AI system makes an error, that error can be repeated again and again, no matter how many times it looks at the same data under the same circumstances [Pixabay]

A new space race is unfolding, driven by commerce and permanent bases on the Moon. To succeed, they’ll need to be self-sustaining.

One of the first photographs of Earthrise, seen by the three astronauts on the Apollo 8 mission, the first humans to circumnavigate the Moon [Credit: NASA]

A lack of diversity in Australian newsrooms remains a stubborn feature of modern life. For me, this not academic: it is lived experience.

Montage art by Wilson da Silva

In the milieu of the Cold War, a roadside accident three generations ago led to Sputnik 1, and the beginning of a new era: the Space Age.

Working late one night, Alan Guth struck upon a solution to the birth of the cosmos. Until then, he’d had trouble holding down a job.

Wilson da Silva

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